But there

But there Combinations, collisions, suppression and manifestations of genetikopedagogical lines, most likely, submit to the same laws, as biological heredity, well is, maybe, not so strict and accurate.

But there is no doubt that if the greatgrandfather of the present father beat the grandfather when that was five years old, it cannot but respond on the grandson, on the greatgrandson and the greatgreatgrandson.

And if in mothers family five generations spoke soft, low voices, it will to some extent be transferred to the present child.

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Flies into

Flies into Draw at first you I answer.

If business happens in the morning, she obeys.

Flies into a rage in the evening and throws a pencil through all room, and then, crying, sentences: Scrap, scrap!




She understands that if to throw a pencil, it will break, but cannot resist a furious rush.

It seems to me, Templ is very reasonable.

Minutes of irritation she behaves strange, and that stranny, than more strongly was tired or was upset.

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When Tyler

When Tyler When Tyler reached age at which children usually sleep all night long without waking up, he, for the unclear reason for me, continued to behave at night as the baby.

At that time I had to work hard, and my night sitround gathering connected with awakenings of the son in the middle of the night too tired me.

Once, lulling Tyler, I asked myself a question: Perhaps I somehow promote what Tyler wakes up in the middle of the night?

At that moment I realized that my night meetings with the son in so late hour were the only time of day when I could stay with it alone, without thinking of anything another and taking true pleasure from this communication.

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Whether you are convinced

Whether you are convinced Whether you are convinced what your child has to understand accurately, what you the adult, and it only the child?

If you in the affirmative answered these questions, your belief can be referred to belief of excessively strict parents.

Whether you are convinced what it is necessary to allow the child to do everything what he wants not to moderate his inquisitiveness and not to extinguish creative rushes?

Whether you are convinced what have to preserve the child against unpleasant experiences which he can face in life?

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Snow thawed, thawed. Grandfather

Snow thawed, thawed. Grandfather Ululul, we bought the new chair.

Ulomulomulom, do not run with chair.

Caen CaenCaen, is thrown up volcano.

Words with sound combinations yl Soap, bottle, butylkonos, floated, washed, howled, lived, Words with a syllable yal Add words.

Snow thawed, thawed.

Grandfather seeds seeded, a flour sifted.

Table stood.

What word got lost?

Snow began a bark, the dog thawed.

The kerchief laughed, Pavel was lost.

Automation of a sound l in words with las syllable Say words correctly Varnish, a fallow deer, a chest, a manhole, a harmony, a lava, a paw, laurels, a lama, a lamp, caress, a lapta, noodles, a pad, a laika, a palm a palm, ladushka, a stall, flippers, a lily of the valley, an avalanche, a spiny lobster, the gourmand, a swallow, a bulb.

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